WaveDirect is your #1 Choice for Fast, Reliable Internet and Now you'll Save like Never Before!

Rural Internet Texas

Here’s the deal.

Get 3 Months Free Internet!

Take advantage of our exclusive 30 Day Trial and then, once you’re satisfied with our service and sign up on a 2 year contract, receive 3-Months FREE internet service on the package of your choice plus you pay no installation or admin fees.

Rural Internet Texas

Fast & Reliable

WaveDirect uses the latest internet technology and tower infrastructure to provide a RELIABLE connection that will get you speeds FASTER than DSL.

Rural Internet Texas


unlimited Internet

UNLIMITED Internet from WaveDirect gives you the FLEXIBILITY to enjoy the web without any data caps, so you won't see any additional charges.

Rural Internet Texas


Personalized Dashboard

Get a no Fuss, easy to use PERSONALIZED DASHBOARD. A free solution for tracking your bandwidth usage in the form of activity monitor.

Rural Internet Texas


Customer support

CUSTOMER SUPPORT is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us with any technical issues you may be experiencing.

Enjoy Netflix Entertainment

No Buffering, No Pixel out of Place, Just Pure Entertainment with Streaming Services.

Don't miss out on any of the action, New HDTV's now come with built-in ethernet and wi-fi internet connectivity and with WaveDirect Internet access you can stream movies, tv shows, music, social networking accounts, CNN Sports, Netflix, Hulu, weather and anything your heart desires with our unlimited internet.

Rural Internet Texas

Rural Internet Texas

Make Cell Phone Bliss Happen

We know your Teens Love Technology, We Do Too.

No matter what type of phone you have or how many... you will be able to get more out of WaveDirect's Reliable Rural Internet and connect your Android, Apple or BlackBerry device to your homes Wireless Router. We can even help everyone connect and start enjoying more of what the internet has to offer, on your hand-held device Today.

Get Best Mom of the Year Award. Gamer Edition!

Did you know that Upload Speed is Very Important for Online Gaming? We know You Did, Shhh..

Your secret is safe with us. If you want best Mom ever, gamer edition we can help you with that. We have one of the highest download / upload speeds in the State and we make sure we are higher than the competition, often times faster than DSL or Cable. Game all day and all night, with completely unlimited internet.

Rural Internet Texas

Rural Internet Packages

Free 30 Day Internet Trail. Cancel anytime, No Obligations.

$54.95Per Month*

Home Standard

  • Unlimited Data
  • Download Up to 5 Mbs
  • Upload Up to .75 Mbs
  • Shared Public IP
  • YouTube Friendly
  • Standard Def

$64.95Per Month*

Home Ultra

  • Unlimited Data
  • Download Up to 7 Mbs
  • Upload Up to 1 Mbs
  • Shared Public IP
  • Good for NetFlix
  • High Def

$74.95Per Month*


  • Unlimited Data
  • Download Up to 10 Mbs
  • Upload Up to 1 Mbs
  • Dedicated IP Included
  • Great for Smart TV's
  • HD FULL 1080

What customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my free trial end?

The length of your free trial version is 30 days or 100GB which ever comes first from the date of commencement of the trial (day of installation). To avoid any interruption of service, you must sign up at any time, Monday through Friday, before the end of your free trial period.

Will I be contacted before the end of my free trial?

Yes. We will contact you 5-7 days before the end date of free trial as a reminder of the impending end of your trial. If you do not contact us at the end of your free trial, your Internet is turned off until the agreement is signed.

What plan am I set up with during the free trial?

You will be set up with our highest plan (high speed) available in your area. Call the office for details.

Can I try a different plan during my free trial?

Yes! Please contact our office and we will be happy to change your plan in accordance with the CPE (equipment) that was installed at your location.

What do I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties with my Internet service?

Please contact our support team as soon as possible, at a time when you are home and able to troubleshoot with them. We provide technical support 24 hours and local tech support is available Monday through Friday 8 am to 7 pm. For faster customer service, please have your account number.

What are the installation cost and EMF Fee?

The EMF (Equipment Maintenace Fee) covers regular firmware updates in order to maintain peak performance 24/7. Installation Costs cover the installation of a dish (belongs to WaveDirect), 100 feet of cable and a penetration of the outer wall and a POE.